The Final Push: Beat The Odds And Turn Your Graduation Dreams To Reality (Bonus videos and worksheets included)

| September 23, 2015


The Final Push: Beat The Odds And Turn Your Graduation Dreams To Reality (Bonus videos and worksheets included)

A Real life proven, Step-by-Step guide on how to achieve your academic dreams.


My name is Mayo Oshin and I’m about to show you a simple,real life inspired step-by-step system and guide that will help you to graduate with the university degree you dream of. How can I make such a bold statement?

My story

I walked into final year of university holding a border-line third class in Bsc Economics, this meant I required a first class in final year to graduate with a Upper Second-Class Honours(2.1).

I was absolutely devastated, confused and afraid because i knew my university degree was crucial for getting better job and career prospects. I feared that i’d be a disappointment to my parents, especially after all the sacrifices and finances they had poured into my education all my life.

So I sought tutors, lecturers and friends for advice and support towards my dream but nobody believed it would be possible.

I made a decision to stop making excuses and pursue my academic dreams.

Throughout my long, tedious and memorable final year of University, I discovered and applied different effective strategies and steps that helped me to improve my marks significantly. I will share these with you in the book.

Long story short, I woke up on results day logged on my student portal and saw that I had achieved first class marks and my dream university degree.

Following my graduation, I have been able to work with other university students and share these steps and strategies with them. Several of these students have successfully applied just a handful of these steps to achieve their academic dreams, imagine the possibilities if you apply them all!

I decided to put together everything I have learned from my personal experiences and my interactions with other university students into this book. My purpose in writing this is to inspire you to believe that your dream university degree is possible and show you simple proven practical steps so that you can take action to make this a reality.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this book:

    • The exact simple step by step process I personally used to overturn my third class marks to first class marks and how you can apply them to get similar results.
    • How to develop a rock solid work ethic and stay motivated throughout the year without burnout.
    • Discover the 4 habits of highly successful students and how you can apply them right now to increase your chances of reaching your academic goals.
    • How to kill procrastination and manage time like a boss, even if you are multitasking other activities alongside studies.
    • 3 radical and extremely effective strategies to overcome non-clinical panic, anxiety, stress, frustration, burnout and depression.
    • The mind of the examiner exposed. Find out exactly what examiners are looking for and use this knowledge to squeeze maximum marks from them.
    • Simple revision and exam strategies to finish the year without crashing.


  • And more!


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