The Savages (The Staunton and Wyndsor Series Book 4)

| September 23, 2015


The Savages (The Staunton and Wyndsor Series Book 4)

The Savages (A Murder Thriller)

Book 4 of the Staunton and Wyndsor series, all of which are stand-alone stories, but with the same two detectives as the main protagonists.

‘This is a taut, handsome job, beautifully written, full of real characters and acute observations.’

The New York Times

When Colonel Bannister-Coates, an experienced Intelligence officer, fails to return to his Oxfordshire village home and his immaculate clothes are discovered dressing a scarecrow in a roadside field, there is a flurry of anxious activity in Whitehall.

Detective Superintendent Staunton and his urbane Detective Inspector, Leo Wyndsor, are under pressure to discover if this is defection or assassination, or if there is some other, less obvious, answer.

Despite local obstruction and sparse, enigmatic clues, a pattern gradually emerges, leading the detectives to a climax as intriguing and hazardous as any found in the earlier highly praised Staunton and Wyndsor novels.

The Savages is the fourth in a series of police procedural murder mysteries written in the 1970s, and is in the classic roman policier style.

The Hunters is the first in The Staunton and Wyndsor Series which introduced the two memorable detectives, followed by The Liars and The Enthusiast. These books were previously published worldwide in hard and paperback editions and are now being offered as eBooks for the first time.

Critical Response to The Liars by Peter Hill

‘Lies, gossip, jealousy and a generous serving of bedroom undercover work fail to deter two of Scotland Yard’s finest in this entertaining mystery with an extra twist or two… or three.’

Pittsburgh Press

‘Exceptionally well told, with satisfying outcome.’

Columbus Sunday Dispatch

‘Peter Hill does a fine job with character, plot, atmosphere and suspense.’

Publishers Weekly

‘… a pair of attractive investigators—the young and aristocratic Leo Wyndsor and the slow-moving but smart veteran Bob Staunton. The case takes them to Cornwall, where a man has been murdered and hung on an old gibbet… All this is very agreeable, especially in Mr. Hill’s smooth and often sympathetic telling.’

New York Times

‘I’d like to see Messrs. Staunton and Wyndsor in more books. They’re a lot of fun—and they’re good detectives.’

Daily Press, Newport News, Virginia

Press comments on the other Staunton and Wyndsor books

‘Bizarre murder and a full, meaty, thoroughly absorbing account of the investigation with sex spicily sandwiched in.’

The Times

‘To follow… the brilliantly inspired tracking of Hill’s two detectives is a joy, apart from the brain teasing pleasure of accepting the author’s challenge to identify the murderer.’

London Evening News

‘A really first-class who-dunnit.’

Essex Chronicle

‘A really good thriller writer.’

The Daily Telegraph

‘Taut, sharp, fast-moving… ’

Manchester Evening News

‘A tremendous piece of fast-moving fiction. Not one word wasted, the story starts and ends with a bang.’

Coventry Evening Telegraph

‘A lively sample of the permissive roman policier.’

The Observer

Peter Hill has recently returned to novel writing after a successful career in television drama, and Killing Tomorrow, the first of a new series, Evolution’s Path, is also available as a Kindle eBook. He is working on the sequel, The Ladies Game.


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