To Love Thy Neighbour

| September 24, 2015


To Love Thy Neighbour

Differences are inconsequential; only love matters.

Another milestone reached and Esme feels her age. No amount of anti-aging serum can cover that.

But mostly, she feels alone.

Two businesses, a son and a former mother in law don’t seem to alleviate it.

A decade without someone in her life is taking its toll. Though she has secret liaisons a few times a year, she can’t tell anyone about. That would be far too problematic.

Esme’s starting to give up hope that there’s someone for her, somewhere.

Leon believes his new home will be a fresh start for him and his five-year-old daughter, Mali. A young single father trying to juggle being a mum, and a dad is hard work. All he wants is another child so Mali won’t be alone, very much like how he feels since they were abandoned by her mother.

Esme and Leon are poles apart, but the next door neighbours strike up an odd friendship. When they start to have feelings for each other, one of them decides the other isn’t what they want, with the possibility of scuppering both their chances of happiness

Can Esme find a man to love her and is Leon willing to let the bitter taste from a past relationship enable him to move on?

A funny romantic story about coming to terms with day to day prejudices and finding love.


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