Naked in a Japanese Hot Spring

| September 24, 2015


Naked in a Japanese Hot Spring

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What happens when you send an innocent young gaijin into a Japanese hot spring for his first terrifying experience of public nudity?

What happens when you send an Australian DJ on a tour of South America?

Join Kriece as he encounters every potential mishap you could imagine. See him –

– Visit Japan’s oldest hot spring in a state of pure terror as he is forced to go publicly nude for the first time in his eventful life

– Luxuriate in a USD$5 per night hotel in Bolivia

– DJ at the Creamfields festival in Argentina

– Have to negotiate his way out of a sticky situation in Bangkok

– Snowboard in Whistler then ski in Switzerland – all in the same week, without ever having tried either before and with only his naturally low centre of gravity to assist him.

Kriece is perhaps best known for his album collaboration with noted spiritual guru Ram Dass (“Cosmix”) and his remix of Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker”. However, as well as his time spent travelling the world as a touring DJ, he has also lived in Japan and worked in international commodity trade. As a fiction author, Kriece recently released “The Munchies” under his “Richard Carnegie” alias.

Grab your copy today.


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