Nexus Bullet

| September 26, 2015


Nexus Bullet

The sequel to Zavrazin by Clive Radford.

Paul Morgan embarks on a personal mission to discover the identity a Soviet mole.

Paul and Gina move into their Highgate home, once an MI5 safe house. They find a bullet wedged in a wall. It leads to unveiling an MI5 operation to extract KGB defector Colonel Zavrazin from East Berlin 50 years earlier. Zavrazin carried a dossier unmasking a top Soviet spy, code name Arrow Eye. After a firefight at the safe house, the dossier went missing.

News of the bullet find reawakens interest in the old safe house, and the possibility that the dossier is still hidden close by. The Russian security service wants to keep Arrow Eye’s identity secret, and MI5 as leverage in economic talks with Putin.

Paul becomes near to obsessed tracking down Arrow Eye’s identity. A meeting with Zavrazin’s descendants leads to Arrow Eye’s true identity at last becoming revealed.

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