To View The Valley (The Lune Du Lac Chronicles Book 1)

| September 26, 2015


To View The Valley (The Lune Du Lac Chronicles Book 1)

One town.

Two families.

Ten lives locked on a deadly course for disaster…

For when the fine line between romance and revenge has been crossed, murder and mayhem are soon destined to follow!

The year is 1905, and the small, idyllic town of Lune Du Lac, Wisconsin is about to be rocked to the very core of its socially accepted existence…

When, sickened by the hold big city debauchery has on her family, Ida Bloomfield blackmails her philandering husband into relocating them all from Milwaukee’s dark influence, to the bright promise of a new start in this new town. With their two grown, fraternal twin sons, Albie and Ethan, in tow, Ida is sure life there will be better for them. However, unbeknownst to Ida, her husband, Joseph Bloomfield (corrupt banker and sexual deviant) is unwilling to relinquish the strange relationship he has with his mistress, Annabelle Wainright—and so cleverly he devises an elaborate ruse to move Annabelle along with them. Hiding her in plain sight under the adopted guise of Mrs. Beverly Asher, coal mining heiress/prospective bank depositor, Joseph Bloomfield is intent on keeping their affair alive at all costs.

Meanwhile, Ethan Bloomfield, a confident, scholarly young man, unashamed of his homosexuality, meets naïve, nineteen-year-old Royal Easterly—a neighbor from across the street—and is instantly attracted to him. Royal, eldest of the three Easterly children, and a talented aspiring artist, is also immediately taken by Ethan and succumbs quickly to his charms. With romance burgeoning, things look hopeful—that is until Ethan’s undisclosed past returns to jeopardize their newfound happiness forever.

In turn, Ethan’s twin brother, Albie, a notorious, unabashed playboy, falls helplessly in love with Nina Fowler. A girl of intoxicating beauty, Nina possesses both a keen intellect and a questionable reputation. Desperate to save her father’s failing lumber business, Nina seduces Albie into helping her map out a massive corporate expansion—the likes of which can only be accomplished through a hefty cash investment from Albie’s duplicitous father; a man never to be trusted.

Amidst all this, Royal’s younger sister, Honoria, a determined, but misguided woman driven solely by societal acceptance and the need to emerge at last from her sainted mother’s long-cast shadow, is about to be married to recent medical school graduate, Dr. Brodie Wingate. A product of her town’s close-minded bigotry, Honoria is a racist homophobe. She despises not only her family’s newest neighbors—the Bloomfields, Lune Du Lac’s first Jewish family—but also her brother, Royal, for being a “Nancy.” Unsure as to why their father, Malcolm, so constantly and flagrantly defends his son’s obvious perversion, slowly Honoria pieces together a decades-old mystery of shocking proportions.

Finally, as hundreds gather at Honoria’s wedding reception for the unprecedented social event of the season, a disillusioned woman, one mad with jealousy and hell-bent on revenge, is about to set in motion a deadly series of events that will ultimately change all their lives forever…

Because, as disaster strikes, only time will tell who survives … and who does not.


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