Cooking with Cicadas

| September 27, 2015


Cooking with Cicadas

Cooking with Cicadas is a great, light-hearted gift item … and beyond the novelty aspect, this fun cook book includes legitimate recipes for those adventurous souls who want to include “less than typical” ingredient in their diet.

Eat bugs? Really? Yes, really. And we have some gourmet suggestions centered on the 17-year cicada.

This guide focuses on preparing cicadas for snacks, meals and desserts. High in protein and low in fat, this insect is featured in a variety of recipes from Italian to Moroccan and Asian to Mexican. Dishes like Cicada Frittata, Pasta a la Cicada, Cicada Curry, Cicada Tacos, Cicada Pad Thai and Caramel Cicada Crunch.

Are you ready to add insects into your meal plans? Then you need this book. And if you’re not ready, this book makes a fantastic conversation starter (the next time you have a party, leave it out and see how it becomes the center of attention) and it’s a great gift!


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