Obsidian Son (The Temple Chronicles Book 1)

| September 27, 2015


Obsidian Son (The Temple Chronicles Book 1)

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Black Ops Wizard For Hire!

The Minotaur — a violent creature spawned from Greek legends — has become a Buddhist. Oblivious to his change in dogma, Nate Temple — part-time wizard, full-time bookstore owner, and well-timed smartass — seeks him out to find answers about a rare, untitled book on dragons for a mysterious new client. But cow-tipping him might not have been the best opening move, especially after he’s booted straight into the waiting arms of the police, who intend to question him about the mysterious circumstances that surround the death of his billionaire parents — circumstances that he never could have anticipated.

Shape-shifting dragons are dead set on taking over his city, murdering bookstore owners all over town in search of a particular book to use during the upcoming solar eclipse. Nate, never one to back down from an impossible fight, joins his closet-werewolf, FBI Agent friend to stake a flag under the St. Louis Arch, declaring it immune to a reptile dysfunction. But dragons begin to crawl out of the stonework, hungry for a fire-roasted wizard and werewolf kabob.

Known as a depraved playboy and the new owner of a multi-billion-dollar company makes trying to keep his face — and his growing magical abilities — out of the media an impossibility, and between battling a pack of renegade gargoyles, and slaying a dragon in a high-speed car chase in broad daylight, Temple finds his magical anonymity challenged by the journalistic efforts of the five o’clock news. Nate must learn the truth of a stunning betrayal that leads all the way back to his parents’ murder if he hopes to save everyone he cares about. But not before dishing out a world of hurt on the dragons with his new motley crew of Black-Ops supernaturals to do a little dragon hunting.

Just a Handful of the Reviews…

  • “A wild, adrenaline pumping ride…” — Cameron Burson
  • “Original, adventurous, and witty. Hands down, 5 stars.” — Lauren Korbal
  • “Highly recommend! Great fast-paced storyline, with plenty of action and humor along the way.” — Ellen Wilson
  • “As soon as I picked this book up, it was constantly in my hands… I can’t wait for the next installment in the Temple Chronicles.” — Tyler Abma


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