Affliction (Hellsong: Infidels: Cris Book 1)

| September 28, 2015


Affliction (Hellsong: Infidels: Cris Book 1)

She’s got his son.

For three fruitless years Cris has wandered through Hell in search of his only child, and now he’s finally getting close. Myla, his ex-lover, has taken their son into the failing city of Maylay Beighlay—and she’s got allies.

At Myla’s side is her new lover, an Archdevil, along with his accompanying army of wights and damned soldiers. To retrieve his son, Cris will have to brave the rotting city of Maylay Beighlay and steal his boy out from under the nose of one of Hell’s most powerful demons—but that’s not even the worst of it.

What frightens Cris the most is whether, after three years, his son even wants to be rescued.


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