Rice Salads: 35 Kickass Rice Salads For Everyday Cooking

| September 29, 2015


Rice Salads: 35 Kickass Rice Salads For Everyday Cooking

Rice Salads – 35 Kickass Rice Salads For Everyday Cooking

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This rice salads cookbook is filled with 35 of the most delicious, original and illustrated rice salads. All the rice salad recipes that you will find in this cookbook are easy to follow so there is no room for error! This book is unlike any other generic rice cookbook that you have read before.

Do you like to vary your meals and get creative while cooking? If the answer is yes, this rice salads cookbook cookbook will help you accomplish both by offering rice salads recipes with amazing flavor and spectacular results!

All the recipes featured in this rice salad cookbook are perfect for any day of the week. Download this rice salad cookbook for just $2.99 today and you will soon become an expert at cooking unforgettable rice salads with unbelievable flavor!

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Start cooking easy rice salads for your family and friends today! With so many great rice salads, it will be hard to decide which one to prepare first!

Here are some of the rice salads you will be making soon:

  • Cajun Rice Salad
  • Salmon Wild Rice Salad With Orange Dressing
  • Cranberry & Pork Rice Sald
  • Turkey & Roasted Corn Wild Rice Salad
  • Camargue Shrimp Rice Salad
  • Louisiana Seafood Rice Salad
  • Coconut Shrimp Rice Salad
  • Raw Asian Wild Rice Salad
  • Creamy Broccoli Brown Rice Salad
  • Polish Tuna Rice Salad
  • Pomegranate & Edamame Wild Rice Salad


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