D-Ficient – Why you may have low vitamin D levels and how you can do something about it

| October 1, 2015


D-Ficient - Why you may have low vitamin D levels and how you can do something about it

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There is one fact that researchers, including the Harvard School of Public Health and the Vitamin D Council all agree on – No matter who you are, where you live or what color your skin is, there is a strong chance you are “D-ficient” in vitamin D.

What do the following conditions all have in common?

– Heart disease

– Depression

– Cancer

– Inflammation

– Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

– Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

All of these conditions have been linked with low levels of vitamin D. That’s not to say that low vitamin D is behind all cases of cancer and heart disease, however there is a strong correlation.

Similarly, researchers a few years back noticed that, the further away we get from the equator (and therefore, less sun exposure), the higher the incidence of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Researchers have therefore hypothesized the link between MS and low vitamin D. This link has not yet been conclusively proven, however some MS sufferers are already claiming beneficial effects from taking large doses of vitamin D.

In this concise, easy to read reference guide, Benjamin Kramer (Author of “Brain Renovation”) covers the key information you need –

– What is vitamin D?

– Why is it important for health?

– What does vitamin D do in my body?

– How much sun exposure do I need to get enough vitamin D and also not risk skin cancer?

– What are the dietary sources of vitamin D?

– What is the difference between getting vitamin D from the sun or from the diet?

– What about vitamin D supplements?

– Is vitamin D toxic in large doses?

– What is the best dose I should be targeting?

– Can I get my vitamin D levels checked?

Plus much more.

All you need to know about what vitamin D is, why you need to maintain healthy levels and the most effective treatments for restoring vitamin D levels.


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