Bless Me Father

| October 3, 2015


Bless Me Father

See into the disturbed mind of a priest whose god leads him into pedophilia and murder!

While hearing confession at St. Michael the Archangel’s Church, visiting priest Father Eugene O’Reilly hears Father Nick Ragucci admit; “I have the body of a boy in my trunk.”

As Father O’Reilly struggles not to break the Sacramental Seal of Confession, Detectives Jamie Lawson and Fred Washington race the clock to find eight year old Kevin Burns.

In this fast paced suspense novel, BLESS ME FATHER, Father O’Reilly fights an inner battle as he tries to rid the Catholic church of the evil thread running through it.

“An unusual insight into the psyche of a Catholic priest as he wrestles with good and evil in his Church.”

Rev. Una Warde, New York

“Criminal Investigations are based on a critical factor, and that is one’s ability to gather pertinent information, and evidence, take charge of that evidence, place it all together, and, arrive at a logical and prosecutorial conclusion. In BLESS ME FATHER, Detectives Jamie Lawson and Fred Washington clearly demonstrate this process.”

Sam Zippo, Retired Law Enforcement Investigator


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