Dragon Fire: Cypher Theorem Series Book 3

| October 4, 2015


Dragon Fire: A Science Fiction Fantasy: Cypher Theorem Series Book 3

Vernon Douglas, fresh off his honeymoon, starts his career as a Paladin.He has dreamed of becoming a Paladin for so many years, having it finally come true seems surreal. Protecting people is what he has always wanted to do, with the added benefit of providing for his family, he finally feels he can start his life.

His first assignment is to take the lead on an investigation of a ruthless drug lord, known only as Hood. He has systematically and cleanly murdered everyone over the age of fourteen who gets in his way. Vernon knows his work is cut out for him.

Vernon’s rashness brings him into Hood’s sights, starting a race to find where Hood is and to keep his family safe. He finds there is only one way to do it. To take Hood down. He searches all across New Atlantis to find Hood while his goons are tracking him and his family.

The thought of failure weighs heavily on him, and is something he does not want to see become a reality.

Author Interview

Q: What’s so special about the Cypher Theorem Series?
It’s a high technology society, that has magic everywhere. There is a device that each person wears from birth called a HaLO (Haptics, Linguistics, and Optics). It connects them to an altered reality network, where overlays are used to enhance everyday living. The main character Vernon Douglas thinks he’s a regular guy but finds out he anything but. His constant internal struggle of dealing with his powers, or lack of powers, keeps pushing him forward. He dreams of becoming a Paladin, which is basically the prestige military group for the Astrum Government. The series is going to follow Vernon and his friends as they grow, and become part of society. Vernon is going to find out the special circumstances to his birth, and how that will affect humanity.

Q: What order should I read the books in?
-The Zero Class
-Shadow Moon
-Dragon Fire
-To Be Announced(Coming Soon)

Q: Why should readers give this series a shot?
it’s an action packed ride with a mixture of technology and magic, which I like to call magitech. There’s fighting, spell casting, and some mystery thrown in for good measure. If you like any of that, you’ll love the books. Also It can be read as a stand alone book.
And thanks for reading!

Cypher Theorem Series eBook Categories:

-Science Fiction and Fantasy
-Futuristic Sword and Sorcery
-Fantasy Adventure
-Urban Fantasy
-Dragon Adventure
One more, Dragons, can’t forget the dragons


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