The Memory Games: A Brain Training Workout with Fun Picture Puzzles to Test and Improve Your Memory

| October 4, 2015


The Memory Games: A Brain Training Workout with Fun Picture Puzzles to Test and Improve Your Memory

Get Ready for the Most Enjoyable Memory Training Workout !!!

Are you ready for lots of fun and excitement, while easily learning the coolest memory techniques?

Are you ready to PLAY and GAIN memory superpowers that will change your life?

If you are reading this, most probably you were attracted by the words Memory and Games in the title of this book. We assume that you are interested in testing, challenging, or improving your memory and that you are in a mood for play!

If your purpose is to test and challenge your memory, play The Memory Games!

If your purpose is to have fun playing brain games, play The Memory Games!

If your purpose is to upgrade your memory, play The Memory Games!

Why We Created The Memory Games

Having a passion for creating innovative educational books, we discovered that even though the market is flooded with books on brain training and memory training, a gap exists for books that actually help readers understand and practice the complicated tools and techniques described.

Many books in the market do a great job describing popular memory training methods in 100, 200, or 300 pages of detailed theory, but they usually lack illustrations, adequate examples, and fun exercises, which can be quite intimidating for beginners.

Would you enjoy reading such a book?

And by the time you finish it, will you have practiced enough to assimilate those techniques described? Let’s not forget. A lesson not practiced is a lesson forgotten.

This is why we decided to create The Memory Games.

Everyone loves a little challenge, and everyone loves puzzles. Imagine a book that stimulates your brain and gives you lots of fun with illustrated puzzles, at the same time teaching you some really cool memory improvement techniques. This is the book that we visualized.

This is The Memory Games:

  • Unique illustrated games for fun and experiential learning
  • Memory training lessons in simple language
  • Optimized for e-readers

In all, a unique brain training experience.

What You Will Find in This Book

This book consists of three main parts.

The first part of the book contains ten fun puzzles for warming up your brain and checking your memory skills in remembering images, shapes, numbers, and text.

In the second part, you will be introduced to powerful memory techniques, which will be explained to you in short, easy lessons. You will learn popular techniques, such as The Link Method, the Peg System, the Major System, the Memory Palace, and much more! Some of the games in this part will help you practice these techniques, while others are just for fun—a relaxing break between lessons.

The third part contains fun puzzles that will help you practice your newly acquired memory skills and even challenge them.

Are you ready to PLAY and GAIN some really cool memory superpowers?


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