18 Insider Tips For The Savvy Real Estate Investor

| October 5, 2015


18 Insider Tips For The Savvy Real Estate Investor (Real Estate, Real Estate Investing, Real Property Investing, Investing, Property Investing)

Learn What The Veteran Real Estate Investors Know…

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Imagine for a moment that you’ve been a welcome member of your local real estate investing club for years. One day you are at a meeting and you summon up the nerve to ask the most seasoned investor in the club out to lunch. He accepts! For the next hour or two you have the smartest guy in the room teaching you the truth, and nothing but the truth about how real estate investing really transpires locally. You are about to learn some truths that most real estate investors rarely discuss.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The two most commonly used forms of creative investing and the pros and cons of both methods
  • How real estate agents and brokers feel about creative real estate investors
  • Why you must join and religiously attend local real estate investor club meetings
  • How to assemble your team from the local real estate investing club
  • How to assess national real estate investing gurus
  • How to treat the motivated sellers of real estate
  • How to avoid being robbed by fellow professionals such as 1031 exchange intermediaries and real estate attorneys
  • Much, much more!

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