A Killing Among The Dead (The Memphis Cycle)

| May 9, 2013


A Killing Among The Dead (The Memphis Cycle)

Wenatef opens his eyes to darkness and intense silence. The myrrh-heavy air tells him that he is in a tomb. Pain lances through his left side as he tries to raise himself, bringing the taste of blood to his lips. His life ebbs as he remembers how the nightmare began…One of his men had come screaming of destruction and mutilation in the tomb of Egypt’s greatest king. Wenatef set out to stop the sacrilege only to find that the people he is sworn to protect were blocking him and, he now knows, betraying him. As his life ebbs he dreams of judgment before the gods and awakens to find new strength and even more questions. Whose blood is pooled on the floor beneath him and caked on his side when he seems, now, to be unhurt?

Wenatef lets his enemies

think they have killed him and sets out to uncover the truth behind the robberies and defilement.Each new discovery brings him closer to the heart of a sickening scandal of greed and betrayal that reaches a climax in a final confrontation in the great Temple of Karnak beneath the gaze of the gods.

Set during Ancient Egypt’s declining years, A Killing Among the Dead is a tale of betrayal, revenge and redemption, and one man’s discovery that no matter how alone we seem in our struggle against evil, the Great Ones are never far away.

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