A Woman Unto Herself: A Different Kind of Love Story

| October 6, 2015


A Woman Unto Herself: A Different Kind of Love Story

Imagine discovering the man you love is a narcissist with a double life. In this biographical story, Tina Benson describes in raw, visceral prose, the heartbreaking account of her journey to understanding how she fell in love with a narcissist, why she stayed in the relationship for so long, and how it related to her childhood traumas and losses. Using her 30+ years of experience as a life coach and spiritual teacher, she expertly weaves together the perspective of a clinician and a spiritual warrior, with her own personal journey through love’s sometimes harrowing labyrinths, and gives the reader a map for understanding their own relationships. Understanding how our childhood experiences shape our strategies for getting and keeping love, Ms. Benson’s book will save readers years of heartbreak and frustration. The culmination of her journey encourages and inspires the reader to turn inwards to find a self-sustaining, mature love known to spiritual aspirants as the “Inner Marriage.” If you have looked for love in all the wrong places, hoped that someone “out there” will make you feel complete and whole, and are yearning to find a relationship with your own “Inner Beloved,” this book will inspire you and guide your way home.


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