| October 7, 2015



Author’s Note: This novel contains adult situations and sexual content. It is intended for mature readers.

I’m Wildflower. At least that’s what Jake, my best friend, calls me. But my real name is Frannie. I’m terribly, terribly shy, and yes, the second terribly is justified. I’m studying piano performance in college, but my dream is to be a singer-songwriter. Trouble is, I’m too shy to sing in front of people.

As I struggle to scale the walls of my shyness, my self-imposed prison, I find two allies: Jake, my rock, dark and brooding, the one who’s always been there for me, and Granville, a brilliant graduate student who arrives in my life like a cloudless morning and is gifted in both music and science.

Impossibly—because who in his right mind would choose me?—it becomes devastatingly clear that both Jake and Granville are in love with me and that somehow, some way, I must find it in my heart to choose between them.

Granville helps me shine. But Jake has helped me through my darkest times.

So, tell me: how can a girl possibly choose between the sun and the moon?

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