Inside His Head: The Assistant Mini Book

| October 9, 2015


Inside His Head: The Assistant Mini Book

“Are you sure you want to say that to your boss’s face?” — Adrian Kingston

A day of rest and relaxation is overdue and Adrian Kingston, owner of one of the largest corporations In the world, spends it with his assistant, Emily.

With the advances he’s been making, it’s pretty obvious that he wants her in his bed. And BAD…

But the lengths he will go through to accomplish this may become the reason he would want her to be more than just a fling. As Adrian sees the side of Emily that’s headstrong and stubborn, he can’t help but be drawn to her little quirks as well. Everything about her intrigues him.

A heated debate ensues after she refused to participate in a business deal he wants to do with her help. As anger and frustration creeps into his head, it leads to a sexual tension that results in a moment that will change the whole dynamic of their relationship.


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