Win An Easy 20$ With Words To Know!

| December 17, 2007

Hello everyone, the good news, is that, Words To Know is actually, a little easier than New Word Monday.

Instead of having 5 new words, in which all have to be used in a comment. You get your choice of 10 new words (these words can be found on my Words To Know page). But you only have to use 4 of the words.

So stretch your brain a little, and make a comment below, using 4 of my Words To Know. You just might get an easy 20$ sent to your PayPal account. The contest will end on December 31st. Winners are chosen at random. Here’s my entry:

Sam was a bully, a little larger and a little more mature, than the other boys. Extracting his draconian punishments, with the use of his hirsute fists. Ken was an easy target who seemed particularly unfledged. The school yard vicissitude, became apparent that day. As Ken showed everyone how frangible Sam’s ego really was.

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  1. Daria says:

    Here is my entry into the fray! =)

    Elias was small framed and frangible. He sat, trembling, before the bugbear. His Professor was quite the bete noire, and despised throughout the large school. Elias held his palms in front of him while his teacher brought the ruler down against his knuckles – one of his more draconain punishments. The pain was bad enough for Elias to bear, but it was paired with a sesquipedalian, and often somniferous lecture that followed. It was only his pride that kept him from disclosing the Professor’s actions to the Headmaster. Pride – and fear of worse punishments from his cohorts.

  2. Remus says:

    The hunter sat down and watched how the bugbear was getting dizzy. He sensed that something was wrong, but couldn`t figure out that the dart that stabbed him was a somniferous one. His eyes rolled back and in a few seconds he was unconscious. Even tough the creature was unfledged, it was still a threat. The man waited a few seconds. He moved slowly, one step at a time. A draconian roar made the hunter’s heart stop for a second, but the bugbear fell down again, this time with a strange look in his eyes. After he tied him, all the children were freed.

  3. Krishnan says:

    Hi Emma,
    This is my first visit to your blog. A DP member mentioned your blog and here I am. Quite a nice one you’ve got there. As I’ve finally made it here, let me give your contest a try. :)

    As I begin to think of this sesqipedalian task that lies ahead of me, I shiver with nervousness and get goosebumps on my hirsute hands. Such contests are so somniferous in nature that I almost perceive them like a bugbear waiting to gobble on me. But still, however unfledged my knowledge may seem, I always try to come up with something which stands apart from the rest.

  4. BT says:

    Despite having just celebrated his tenth birthday, Dan was still unfledged in his thoughts and deeds. He still sucked his thumb and slept with the light on, mainly due to fear of his bete noire, which he believed to be a hirsute bugbear living under his bed. His only consolation – a teddy bear called Beast, which kept him company and offered him some protection against the awful monster below him.

  5. Nicole Powell says:

    Akeem the German Shepherd was very well trained, but sometimes got very aggressive, when things did not go his way. He was very histute, clean and well put together. He thought of Sheila the neighbour’s cat as a betenoir. She is what the other dogs on the , on the block call inquisitive or deipnosophist.

    They had to get rid of this talented table
    talker, so one fine day in December they gave her an overdose of something. Oh yes she was assassinated, the diagnosis was, somniferous.
    Low and behold that was the end of this smart, yet frangible “cry” cat.

  6. Don’t forget to post your blog contest information at let more people know it.

  7. Bebemiqui says:

    His draconian tone caused Emma to cringe. “She’s so frangible,” Stewart thought as he angrily scrubbed the table. “He’s so sesquipedalian and somniferous when he’s mad,” Emma grumbled to the hirsute man drinking the beer she’d handed him.

  8. Domtan says:

    Great contest Emma. Good luck all.

    Santa won’t be coming around this Christmas, Said grandmother to her three young grandchildren. Because Santa was eaten by the Grinch, a big draconian green hirsute bugbear whom also liked to eat frangible children while they‘re asleep, whether they’ve been good or bad. Now run along and go to bed. Sweet dreams!

  9. Matthew says:

    Jack was a rather lazy and lax individual characterized by his somniferous tone of voice. He was a bugbear, generally ignored by his friends and family. He was an absolute bore. His vocabulary unfledged, not a single sesquipedalian word has ever been uttered from his lips. However, he did have some aptitude; he was an deipnosophist. Smooth moved and skilled at his informal chit chat. Meaningless to most as an achievement, but he had the power of persuasion and creativity at his fingertips which scored him a free beer each night. This was shared with the company of his bar buddies. He was happy with himself and who he was as an individual. “This is all that mattered”, he would say to himself. Indeed, he did not care for anything more.

  10. The frangible old lady whipped up a new drink she had concocted. After drinking the somniferous drink she started to dream. She dreamt that she was a hirsute unfledged draconian bugbear. 2 hours later she woke up out of the coma she had been in for 20 years. It was that dream or to some the nightmare that made her awake.

  11. Ankit says:

    The bete noir was known for his draconian attitude towards giant panda , the main reasons for this were that Giant Pandas have hirsute tails and also that they tend to be somniferous as they are black and white.

  12. Tim says:

    Hey, this is awesome! I love writing and this is a great exercise. Here’s my entry!

    I was in trouble. I sat in front of a large, intimidating, hirsute man. His eyes stared directly into mine, as if he were eying my frangible soul. Silence screamed through the small dark room, lit only by a small lamp hanging by a thin cord only few feet above the table separating us. It dare not swing.

    The man slowly pulled out a folder from below his chair and placed it on the table. He opened it. I felt the sinking feeling of impending doom, as I could see the bugbear, my worst nightmares, creep up beside me.

    He began to read in a somniferous tone a vicissitude of charges. I listened and cringed at every new accusation. I could only wonder what kind of draconian punishment would be administered. But I had an ace up my sleeve…

  13. blogged ya:

    **** Here’s My entry ****

    The draconian bugbear was unfledged and wasn’t sure about how to go about his true ability of somniferous on the naughty children he wished to eat.

  14. joshuaun says:

    Walau!!! all is english word….if chinese what i can write…english…sorry cause i’m shinese educated fellow..hahaha=p

  15. JM says:

    Here’s my Entry:

    I have a lot of things to deal with in life because I have such frangible sensitivities. A little smirk or cold stare is already considered a draconian remark for me. I’m that sensitive, and I’m that fragile. But I don’t consider myself unfledged for being this touchy, it’s just what I really am. And I don’t mean to be a bete noire to anyone because of this. I hope everyone understands. I hope they’ll accept me.

  16. GG says:

    Here’s my entry, not good but I am using the 4 words and since the winner will be drawn at random:

    It was the night before Christmas and all throught the town,
    little children were waiting for a bugbear that chuckles like a clown.

    The cold winter air and the somniferous sight of drizzling snow,
    gave me the chill and a feeling so low.

    Could he really be coming as the deipnosophist on dinner said?
    or just a mere strategy to put children on Christmas eve to bed?

    I have nothing to do but creep under the covers,
    for I fear the hirsute face peeking down the chimney that’s giving me shivers!

  17. He knew it would upset her: his hirsute look after not shaving and cutting his hair for 2 weeks. But they were new to that town and the draconian ways of the barber across the street
    was the bete noire of almost everyone. The lone barber shop is playing a somniferous music so effective that after a short while one is lulled to sleep. No, who would want to take the risk of being with someone so fearsome holding
    a sharp object down your throat?

  18. Guru says:

    Here is my entry.

    The school bully was really hirsute, that gave him the threat factor he needed, but then he scared my frangible self, i wasn’t going to risk a chance, even with my deipnosophist skills, there was no way i could talk my way out if i got into trouble with him. That was because he is so unfledged and wouldn’t anyways understand my usual sesquipedalian style of talk. Or will he ? I really don’t want to find out ..

  19. Chanya says:

    Here’s my entry:

    “No, you can’t go to the ball with us”, said Muntrica, a girl particularly hirsute. “You have chores to do.”

    “And besides,” added Hergundra, “you’re not a deipnosophist. You’d freeze up for sure if the prince asked you a question. Not to mention the fact that you have nothing to wear. Stop trying to live above your station.”

    “Never mind.” I mumbled. I had no desire to listen to their draconian comments; they were both bugbears, just like my stepmother. Instead I retreated to my small cold room near the kitchen and dreamt of beautiful gowns, castles, and grand carriages. Someday my prince would come . . . .

  20. Vic says:

    Oh Oh Emma I found your blog mmmmm. LMAO nice btw keep the great job. Got a few pointers though if interested just let me know, make a comment at the blog trust me I do not bite, even though it seems that most peeps think I do.

    Happy Holidays!!!!

    “The Grinch”

  21. Mike Huang says:

    Interesting post, I’ll keep this in mind.


  22. Bloggrrl says:

    A man I work with is quite hirsute, so much so, in fact, that he is quite the bugbear to the children I teach. To make matters worse, he has absolutely draconian views on teaching. While he is meandering on about why we should return to corporal punishment in his somniferous voice, I struggle not to slap him, which might shut him up for about half a second.

    Um, yeah, I’m really looking forward to going back to work next Thursday…:-P

  23. Rich Minx says:

    Her frangible heart could barely withstand the draconian nature of his housekeeping standards. But from his point of view, her lackluster vacuuming was a real bugbear, and the vicissitude with which she flitted from dusting to window washing to plumping the hirsute pillows (they had a long-haired moggy) drove him up the wall.

  24. Ahmed says:

    This was Venice, the flattering and suspect beauty – this city, half fairy tale and half tourist trap, in whose insalubrious air the arts once rankly and voluptuously blossomed, where composers have been inspired to lulling tones of somniferous eroticism. Nothing contributes to the entertainment of the reader more, than the change of times and the vicissitudes of fortune. The rights of copyright holders need to be protected, but some draconian remedies that have been suggested would create more problems than they would solve.Mankind are an incorrigible race. Give them but bugbears and idols — it is all that they ask; the distinctions of right and wrong, of truth and falsehood, of good and evil, are worse than indifferent to them.

  25. valmg says:

    I thought of my mother immediately when I read about this contest. My mother often considers herself as a deipnosophist, although many people actually think of her as a sesquipedalian. I love her dearly but I dread the frequent somniferous telephone conversations with her that she so seems to enjoy. I should be safe this weekend, as my hirsute uncle is in town for a holiday visit and staying at her house.