Assimilation (Concordia Series Book 1)

| October 11, 2015


Assimilation (Concordia Series Book 1)

All military brat Davinney Keith wants is to stay in one place long enough to graduate high school. After her father’s promotion crushes that dream, she makes a decision that will change her life. At a house party her parents wouldn’t approve of, she finds herself running from a sticky situation… straight towards a mysterious stranger who’s been creeping her out all day. In an attempt to avoid the stranger, whom she’s dubbed Shadow Man, Davinney unwittingly lands herself on another version of earth called Concordia. A fish out of water in a strange new world that is both intriguing and threatening, Davinney is ordered to assimilate into their society or face the Disposal, yet another version of earth where there is no law except kill or be killed. Can she survive the rigors of assimilation, avoid disposal, and find her way back to the only place that matters?


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