LifeScripts: Change Your Life. Help Yourself. Personal Transformation

| October 12, 2015


LifeScripts. Change Your Life. Help Yourself. Personal Transformation.: Life advice. Self hypnosis for change plus 27 free exclusive Mp3 downloads. Hypnotic scripts for professional hypnotherapists.

A self help book written by a counsellor and hypnotherapist to help you transform your life. Life coaching advice, 27 free mp3 hypnosis downloads created by the author to help you with: Confidence. Self-esteem. Self-worth. Weight loss including the virtual gastric band. Loving yourself. Public speaking. Fear of flying. Nail biting. Overcoming adversity. Insomnia. Bereavement. Relationship issues. Achieving greatness. Sports performance. Positive thoughts and relaxation. Achieving goals. Work anxiety. Addictions. Stammering. Listening to your inner advisor. Future progression. Interspersed with inspiring pictures and life quotes, this beautiful book could help anyone feeling stuck in some way. Read the advice, download the appropriate life changing mp3 and relax into a wonderful trance where your subconscious mind will be embedded with suggestions. All mp3’s have no expiry time and can be downloaded whenever needed. This book is also for the professional hypnotherapist to aid them in their therapeutic practice. John has helped thousands of people achieve change in life from 4 year old children to celebrities. The interventions are poetic, empathic and incredibly powerful causing the client to go on a transderivational search of the mind to find the answers within. Whether you use this book as an individual wanting to personally transform their life or a hypnotherapist wanting to raise their game, this is the book that you can keep going back to whenever you need it.


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