Matchmaker Secrets: The Six Predictors of Dating Success

| October 12, 2015


Matchmaker Secrets: The Six Predictors of Dating Success

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Why do some people appear to effortlessly find love, while others struggle in the dating scene?” Most people say it is good looks, success, age, or lack of baggage that are the keys to finding love, but are they right? The answer is, No! Those things are part of the equation, but the truth is they are not the determining factors for dating success. What are the factors that increase your odds of finding love? After 30 years of combined experience, Certified Matchmakers Elizabeth Cobey-Piper and Susie Hardesty have discovered the secrets to finding love. Through watching thousands of singles succeed and fail in their quests for fulfilling relationships, one thing became clear: It is how you approach the dating process in six specific areas that makes the difference in your success. This groundbreaking discovery is the Six Predictors of Dating Success. In just one conversation with you, these insightful matchmakers can use these six factors to predict your likelihood of finding love. In their book Matchmaker Secrets, the Six Predictors of Dating Success, Elizabeth and Susie, will take you on an exploration of these powerful concepts and show you how each Predictor plays a crucial role in your own success. In this straightforward, yet warm and sometimes humorous book, these loving and fierce cupids share the inspiring real-life stories of how their clients used the Six Predictors to find love. Through strategic recommendations and practical advice, they explain how to use the Six Predictors to empower you in your search for love, transform your dating experience, and help you reach your goal of a fulfilling relationship.

In this book you will discover:

Why you haven’t been successful in the past

The pitfalls of modern dating and how to avoid them

How to turn the odds in your favor

How to enjoy the dating process

How to find love

Join Elizabeth and Susie on this transformative journey through the Six Predictors, learn their matchmaker secrets, and realize that you have the power to change your dating experience and find love.


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