The Murder

| October 12, 2015


The Murder (A Zombie Infected Horror Suspense Novel)

The Murder will send chills down your spine and keep your eyes glued to every word!

Survive at all costs…

Once bitten, the infection consumes the body and severs our basic need for survival. The mind is reduced to nothing more than impulses directing us to do one thing… feed.

But what if we were able to fight the urge?

To meld with the infection in a way that we keep our humanity.

For Mike, he’s been infected with the virus but hasn’t turned. The bite wounds on his arms and legs have healed but the uneasy feeling of something foreign deep inside of him looms. Unsure of his fate, Mike must fight the horde of undead lurking around every corner and find the answers to his questions before it’s too late.

Interview with the Author

Q – So, what makes The Murder so special?

A – It’s really a blended mixture of things I’ve wanted to see in a novel for some time. I love reading zombie books and wanted to write something with a different twist. I didn’t want to do another you get bit and turn type of book. I wanted to add in the “What if’s” to get the reader engaged and make them think of the possibilities.

Q – What made you decide to give The Murder away free?

A – I really enjoyed writing The Murder and wanted to gift it as a free book to everyone who likes zombies and the horror genre. It’s a good feeling knowing that people are reading and enjoying my work.

Plus, I’ve included some something special inside the book.

Q – Why should readers give The Murder a try?

A – Because The Murder is a thrill ride from the start of the first page. Readers who like fast paced action and lots of suspense will enjoy the book.

Thanks for reading!

The Murder eBook Categories:

– Infected

– Undead World

– Zombie

– Zombie Military Fiction

– Horror Suspense Novels

– Infected Kindle

– Dystopian Post Apocalypse

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