Pabby’s Score (Prairie Winds Golf Course Book 5)

| October 13, 2015


Pabby's Score (Prairie Winds Golf Course Book 5)

Lawyers Hate Reading About Foul Play From Their Own

Ethics Violations Expose Corrupt Attorneys

Can an adult online dating service provide clues to the unethical legal practices of a corrupt law firm?

An insurance scam starts the fray. In the middle is a well-intended minority businessman. A state ethics investigation is ongoing behind the scenes and on the federal level a sting is quietly in the works. Innocent autistic children unknowingly are affected. Can a secret society and a long-standing secret expose evil for what it is?

Join the regular cast of players from Prairie Winds Golf Course and a few unsavory characters on a memorable ride up the River Road. Attorneys hate reading about the despicable actions of their own. Can they really act like this and get away with it?

˃˃˃ A Cozy Mystery That Includes Teens With Special Needs

A golf cart flips. An attorney files for an injury settlement. An Internet dating site fuels an affair. A tainted judge can be bought. A secret law society influences corruption. Online flirtations. A murder. The clues abound.

Caught in the cross hairs are two teenagers with special needs that are trying to adjust to life outside their resident children’s home by serving an apprenticeship at Prairie Winds Golf Course. Be on your toes in this character-based novel. You’ll have to pay special attention to the social issues that are used as character behavior puzzle pieces in this mystery.

Savant-like tendencies, Dementia and hunting with falcons is intertwined with Native American customs, thoroughbred racing and a trip up the River Road to Lighthouse Point. Can revealing a dark secret in this cozy mystery settle Pabby’s Score?

˃˃˃ Want To Figure Out An Ending?

This is pure entertainment for sleuths that want to figure out an ending. Character behavior clues are plentiful. What isn’t so clear is the outcome.

This busy novel includes a golf cart accident, an injury settlement lawsuit, unethical attorneys, a corrupt judge, alcoholism, teenagers with special needs, an Internet dating affair, Dementia, falcons, a trip on the river road to Lighthouse Point, Native American customs, thoroughbred racing and murder. They are skillfully interwoven like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

Be sharp and be prepared to be entertained. The richness of the characters shines.

˃˃˃ Pure Entertainment With Mystery, Suspense, and Intrigue

This is not a whodunnit. What is at question is how is it going to end? What is the motive? Could situations like this exist? It is realistic fiction at its finest.

The novel has an abundance of rich, well-developed characters. Their behavior, mannerisms, and tendencies offer clues to the final pages of the story. Pabby and Shae, two teenagers with special needs, are the showstoppers.

Be prepared for a complex storyline and a variety of well-oiled topics that all weave together. There is greed, corruption, laughter, confusion, hope, innocence, love, hate, sex, mystery, suspense, drama, intrigue, and shock as well as offering a rainbow of emotions.

Challenge yourself to figure it out and be entertained by the characters in the process.

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