Guy Ridley

| October 14, 2015


Guy Ridley

Guy Ridley, in his late fifties, runs a used bookstore on the outskirts of a large university in the American Midwest. He has a few troubles:

A troubled marriage: he is separated from the wife he still loves,

The return of a mental disability that takes the form of oppression by demons,

A long-ago scandal at the university continue to plague him

Life without steady, loving companionship on the margins of a a large city weighs on him.

Despite all this, he doesn’t give up on life or work.He develops his creativity.He strives to build up the arts in the local community. He takes pleasure in helping people who come his way. He reads constantly and loves story writing. He has written two dozen sketches about aspects of university life that are included in the novel. He works to end the trouble that sent his wife away from academic life in the Midwest…

A brief concluding section, written by a former employee at the bookstore who’s now on the university faculty. tells how Guy comes very close to disaster. Does he escape or sink?

This novel explores several themes:

Mid-life crisis

The need for love,

The persistence of the past,

The value of stories.

Readers who love Cervantes’ “Don Quixote” may find this story interesting.

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