Nature Of Occurrences (Thought Notebook Journal 3)

| October 14, 2015


Nature Of Occurrences (Thought Notebook Journal 3)

Literary and visual artists from around the world reflect upon and produce allegories about the nature of their circumstances; from photography to mixed media and the written word.

10% of all sales from this issue get donated to the Save The Souls organization.

The journal is a unique intersection between science and the humanities encouraging deep thinking to understand humanity’s thoughts through study and inquiry. In recording into the notebook these real stories of life and the thoughts we generate about them, we get a glimpse into understanding a great deal about ourselves and society, where our conscious has been and the direction its going.

Thought Notebook Journal is based on a true story: humanity’s story. This journal is a part of our Human Thought Project, allowing us to delve into the minds of humanity and learn more about who we are by documenting into the notebook, thoughts and expressions on particular subjects.

This issue has won Gold Medal in the eLit Book Awards Science category.

Contributors include: Cristian Saileanu, Timothy Ruane, Stevie Raelynn, Maureen Sebek, J.C. Baez, Jonathan, Korns, Miranda Embry, Leemour Pelli, Ross West, Trinh Mai, Lottie Krol, Changming Yuan, Chad Repko, Kristi Nimmo, David Michael Joseph, Jacquelyn Schneller, Michael Morgan, Kat Lahr, Mae Gosaynie, Gregory Zeorlin, Traci Fowler, Susanne Wawra, Gabriella Boros, Mbeng Pouka, Marcin Zarzeczny, Tobias Oggenfus, Stephanie Carter, CLS Ferguson, Troy Cabida, Paula Marie Deubel, Brandon Newcomer, Vanessa Raney, Joseph Gegan, Dominic Corrigan, Stephen Kent

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