| October 15, 2015


Tattoo Images: ART TATTOO: Skulls II Paintings, drawings, sketches, sculptures and photographs of Skulls (Planet Tattoo Book 3)

This volume of paintings, drawings, sketches and tattoos of skulls, includes the participation of more than 70 recognized artists from the all over the world.

The book is divided into 4 sections: Paintings and drawings, Sketches, real Photographs of skulls and Tattoos. In the section Paintings and Drawings we will find a series of works, carried out with diverse techniques, styles and backups. In Sketches, we present a series of sketches in pencil or colors with a different degree of development. The section Real Photographs of Skulls includes photographic renderings of different real skulls, varying its lighting, angle or including some ornamentation.

Besides, we publish some excellent sculptures of a skull of Éric De L’Etoile, different skeletons and x-rays. Finally, in Tattoos, we show various works on the skin, in an extensive variety of styles and themes. The works, in each section, are divided by artists and quickly can be located by means of the index.

All the works are found in high resolution, of great quality, trying to achieve an image that is as faithful to the original as possible. The difference to our other books, this one does not have as a main axis a particular style, but as a subject matter or motive: the skull.

It is for this reason that the artistic variety of the works presented is enormous, being able to be found in realistic works, surrealist, fantastic, traditional, oriental, traditional neon, new school, and biomechanics or with the combination of two or more styles, so much in color as in Black & Grey. This aspect is narrowly connected with the characteristics of work of each artist that is what gives its mark to each piece.

In many works the skulls are accompanied by other elements, they are part of a skeleton, and in others, they are centered only in themselves, as the only object of the work. Without giving place to doubts, the skulls are one subject matter preferred by the artists and fanatics of tattoos, and as we mention previously, they been present in all the styles.

The good thing about this work is that we can observe the different phases of the process of the creation of a tattoo, since it takes its reference from sketches, drawings and paintings, to an element as important as the photographs of skulls, that give us the possibility to take the reference directly from the real object, permitting us a greater degree of artistic liberty.

The photographs are thus a very valuable work that can be utilized as a source of inspiration. Finally, at the end of the book, a sample of tattoos where we will be able to see the final product of the work on the skin, that is without doubt, one of the most complicated parts of the process.

We thank all the artists that sent us their works, making this extraordinary book possible


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