| October 15, 2015


THE SWAN PRINCESS. A picture book for children aged 3-8: The traditional fairy tale illustrated with marvelous drawings of great beauty for bed time, reading ... skills. (Children's Books, Brothers Grimm)

The Swan Princess

One day, prince Sigried was in the garden of the palace, practicing his favorite sport; shooting bows and arrows at targets.

After a little while, an elderly woman with a kind faceapproaced the prince and said:

“Tomorrow is the dance to choose a girlfriend. Tradition says that on the day of your 18th birthday, you should present your future wife”

“Agreed mother but right now I am going hunting.”

And just like that, the young man went to look for his horse and was very mad.

“Why should I have a girlfriend?” “Why should I get married?” “What I like is this, to be free, to go hunting whenever I want to, and to travel. I don’t want a misbehaving young girl who is by my side all day long, neither these dances, nor any of this silly business.

And without realizing it, little by little the prince went further into the forest that he did not know.

“I belive that I am lost” he thought to himself. “I should find a place to camp, it is getting late.”

“And if I don’t hunt something I will go to bed with an empty stomach”

In that moment he sees a beautiful swan in a lake.

“Roast Swan?” That would be good enough for me. He thinks.

But when he was preparing his bow, a ray from the moon illuminates completely the swan, and it transforms into a beautiful girl.

The prince is amazed by the beauty of the girl.

“Who are you” the prince asked.

“I am princess Odette, and I am under a spell . I can only return to my true form when light from the moon touches the lake”

“But, who has done this to you? Sigfried asked.

“A powerful magician called Rothbart came by our castle one time and fell in love with me, and since I did not accept his love, he grabbed me and he brought me here and he put this spell on me,” answered Odette.

“Do not worry about it,” “I will take you to my kingdom and you will be saved.”

“That is impossible. As soon as the sun comes out I will turn into a swan again.”

“And besides, at any moment Rothbart could come,because every night he comes to ask me if I will marry him. And why would today be any different”

A man that appeared said suddenly,

“As soon as I kill this intruder I will ask the question again.”

“Oh no,” said the princess “Rothbart!” Exclaimed Odette.

Right then before the eyes of the prince and princess, the magician transformed into an enormous dragon.

And the dragon shot a terrible flame at the prince.Which the prince avoids with a quick jump while grabbing his bow.

Quickly he pulled back the string on his bow and aimed. He knew that he would only have one shot.

He let fly an arrow that hit directly in the heart of the magician who had turned himself into a dragon.

That is how the prince arrived at his birthday, and according to tradition he could announce his soon to be wedding to the beautiful Odette.


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