My Friend Miranda

| May 10, 2013


My Friend Miranda

‘Last night I dreamt that I was walking along the edge of the River Irwell with my friend Miranda. It was a summer evening and we were laughing and singing our favourite Billy Connolly songs. Miranda had bought a bag of sherbet lemons and we sucked them hard until the sherbet came shooting out of the ends, leaving a hollow sugar shell behind. There was a row of pebble-dash houses, with a man outside one of them painting his fence with creosote. We stopped for a while to inhale the heady chemical smell, the essence of suburban summers.’

A tale of friendship, of growing up and of falling apart.

‘A treat for those who are growing up or who ever managed to do so.’ Kitty Wakes, (Steal Softly Thru’ Sunshine)

‘Oh Manchester, so much to answer for.’ Morrissey (The Smiths)


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