In Her Mind’s Eye

| October 17, 2015


In Her Mind's Eye

Set in quaint, sleepy Victoria, British Columbia in the rugged Canadian Pacific Northwest where big-city crime is almost non-existent, In Her Mind’s Eye delves into the psychic connection between a cunning serial killer and a young woman who ‘witnesses’ his latest gruesome murder. Fearful she won’t be believed, psychic Tess Walker waits several weeks before contacting the police with a vital but disturbing clue in the case of a local teenage girl found murdered in the woods. She stuns police by claiming that the killer is also psychic and that he has used his ability to kill before. Frightened this killer is now on the hunt for her, she agrees to enter the murder investigation that is headed by a gruff seasoned detective and his young rookie partner.

And so it becomes a race against time – who will find the other first? Weeks turn into months as the police launch an exhaustive manhunt with Tess’ help while the killer conducts his own methodical search for his ‘witness’ – the one person who can put him behind bars. Pitted against such a diabolical adversary, will Tess’ psychic gift prove to be a blessing or a curse?


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