Teddy Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep

| October 18, 2015


Teddy Bear Who Couldn't Sleep: A Rhyming Story (Illustrated) (Teddy Bear, Picture Book, Rhyming Bedtime story)

Teddy Bear is scared every night because he is afraid of the dark. He thinks there are

ghosts, ghouls and monsters hiding in his room. They all come out at night and does not let Teddy Bear sleep.

But then a friendly lark, comes to his rescue and helps Teddy Bear see that there was nothing to fear. Beautifully written and illustrated story.


He’d toss and turn and

Stretch and moan;

He’d yawn and scratch

And growl and groan.

He’d jump at every

Creak and mutter;

He’s shiver, shake

He’d leap and shudder!

It was no secret

Why Teddy scowled;

Or instead of sleep

Would quietly growl.

For Teddy Bear was

Filled with fright;

Of what went bumping

In the night!


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