The Quill Pen

| October 19, 2015


The Quill Pen

If you owned a pen that wrote the future, what would you do? 

If you found a pen that wrote the future, would you use it? What if the consequences spread like ripples in a pond? What if they raged out of control? What if the pen demanded tribute…in blood?

Micah Randall has found such a pen. One that’s ensnared him in a curse dating back generations. One that’s devastated two families and now threatens his whole New England village. But how can Micah destroy the pen when it offers him his only chance at the future he dreams of?
An engrossing story written in beautiful literary style, The Quill Pen touches on a wide range of themes, including bullying, racism, consequences, loyalty, friendship, respect, and the freedom to dream deeply. It’s both entertaining and thoughtful. Richly developed characters bring the story to life. Accurate 19th Century historical details provide a unique window into early America, making Quill Pen an ideal accompaniment to an American history social studies course. And a splash of magic makes this an absolutely unforgettable reading experience.

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