Big Spring Ranch Brides-Katrina (Orphan Train Romance: Book 5)

| October 19, 2015


Big Spring Ranch Brides-Katrina: A Clean Western Historical Romance (Orphan Train Romance, Book 5) (Orphan Train Romance Series)

The story opens with Katrina in a New York orphanage. She has lost her mother and was taking care of her baby sister. Her father takes her and her baby sister to a nearby orphanage to stay while he looks for a better job so he can care for them. While in the orphanage, Katrina discovers that her baby sister has been adopted by a couple without her knowledge and her father has signed away his rights. This devastates her when she learns she has lost her entire family.

She is befriended by two other orphans, Anna and Serena, who become like sisters to her. Six years later all three of them travel on a train and are taken in by three different families in the same town in Texas.

When she becomes an adult, she is forced in a predicament that she doesn’t want to be in through the family that adopted her. She decides to secretly accept a job offer to be a teacher on the Big Springs Ranch where Anna is now living, having left Texas to become a Mail-order bride to a man who owns a ranch with his two brothers. She leaves with Serena (who also decides to be a mail-order bride to Paul, one of Alex’s brothers).

Once in Montana, Katrina enjoys her new job teaching on the ranch and she feels safe away from the mess she left in Texas. She soon starts to get to know Luke, another brother who owns the ranch, and his young daughter. But Luke does not trust women and is doing his best to push Katrina away. Katrina is afraid to let herself trust Luke since she almost everyone she has loved has broken promises to her. Will they both be able to learn to trust each other and form a new family?

If you love clean inspirational historical westerns, then Big Spring Brides-Katrina, the fifth book in the Orphan Train Romance Series, is for you!

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