Boy versus Self

| October 20, 2015


Boy versus Self: (A Psychological Thriller)

True fear is easily created and rarely destroyed. True art is always the opposite.

There are moments when a creation pushes its creator to the brink of their imagination, to the fine line between true ingenuity and blistering insanity.

Sometimes art kills.

Unfortunately, Boy can’t seem to shake the demon he has himself created – Glass Wings. With his art career taking off, can he possibly overcome the darkness within? Will he reconcile with his mother, his sister, his demons?

And the people surrounding him – his erotic novelist girlfriend with violent night terrors, his drug dealer friend, the married Irish woman who brings him to New York, the mysterious Japanese man financing his art – where do they fit in all this? Will he ever be able to tell them the truth? Will he ever be able to tell them about Glass Wings?

A serrated existence that runs from Texas to Mexico, New York to Tokyo, BOY Versus SELF is a disquieting journey into the mind of a penniless artist as he struggles with shocking hallucinations that could kill him. The novel is a psychological coming of age story full of suspense, horror, struggle and ultimately, triumph.

Part horror, part psychological thriller, Boy versus Self is a book you will struggle to put down.

Buy the book today and get started on an experience you won’t soon forget.


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