A Time Of Renewal (Thought Notebook Journal 2)

| October 20, 2015


A Time Of Renewal (Thought Notebook Journal 2)

This issue is centered on renewal in our lives. Literary and visual artists from around the world depict what renewal mean to them; from photograph to painting to mixed media and the written word.

10% of all sales from this issue get donated to the silent tapes organization.

The journal is a unique intersection between science and the humanities encouraging deep thinking to understand humanity’s thoughts through study and inquiry. In recording into the notebook these real stories of life and the thoughts we generate about them, we get a glimpse into understanding a great deal about ourselves and society, where our conscious has been and the direction its going.

Thought Notebook Journal is based on a true story: humanity’s story. This journal is a part of our Human Thought Project allowing us to delve into the minds of humanity and learn more about who we are by documenting into the notebook thoughts and expressions on particular subjects.



Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Ebook Non-Fiction, Anthology, and New Age Categories (2015)

Contributors Include: Ann Kendall, Timothy Ruane, Nithya Narayanan, Maureen Sebek, J.C. Baez, Uros Paternu, Miranda Embry, Leemour Pelli, Melody Croft, Lottie Krol, Kayla Nirschel, Robert Tolzien, Gale Carter, Shelley Whiting, Joseph R. Varisco, Rae Diamond, Skeeze Whitlow, Robert Sebanc, Amanda Owens, Carolyn Krol, Marcie Gainer, Kat Lahr, Alexander Omoroso, Chris Remele John Zajack Jordan Brooks

All of our ebooks sell at $2.99 because we believe in equal access to art and literature!


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