Yet Another SE(Story of an Indian Software Engineer) Reviews

| May 11, 2013


Yet Another SE(Story of an Indian Software Engineer)

There is a marked difference between a ‘Software Engineer’ and an ‘Indian Software Engineer’. An Indian SE is one who can adjust to any recession condition and any salary figure. The super-human can manage the software, the management and the client with one hand and impossible deadline with the other.

He spends his office hours not only to develop the software. But his time is also spent in trying to develop the client’s and manager’s understanding on whatever is getting developed. In return he is rewarded for his ability to impress his masters ….and sometimes for his hard work too.

An Indian becomes a Software Engineer not because he is interested in the field (yeah, those people are there too). But his prime motive behind joining the field is because there was nothing else to do and everybody does that. If placed properly, this field also brings him money, prestige and a “good wife”.

When a SE arrives in the industry, he struggles to find space to apply his brains. However, he rarely gets the chance to do so because of his position, client’s misunderstanding and presence of ‘smarter dudes’ who always appear superior to him. Those who can’t adjust to the environment drown in this Ocean of IT professional. Only those who learn the art of utilizing their position to their advantage, survive.

This story is about another such SE stuck deep in the Indian IT sector. In spite of challenges, this guy is clever enough to turn the opportunities to his favor. Instead of adjusting to the situations, he changes the situation itself to his advantage. In this way he earns his promotion, onsite and also manages to get married in time.


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