River of Time

| October 21, 2015


River of Time: A Clean Western Romance (Mail-Order Brides/Time Travel Romances, Book 3)

It has been three weeks since Kimberly traveled back in time to 1892 to become a mail-order bride to Patrick. She has enjoyed learning all about the day to day life of 1892. Although some of it is a struggle, she has a hunger to know how to live on the ranch, and wants to be able to be a good wife to Patrick, if she decides to stay. She knows she should tell Patrick that she is from the future soon, but doesn’t know how. When Patrick’s little brother, Keegan, finds his way to her cabin, he finds some of her things that will have Patrick looking for answers. Will Patrick will be able to accept the truth, and love her anyway? Will he still want to marry her?

If you love clean inspirational western romances, then River of Time, the third book in this series, is for you!

Also Available:

Touched by Time, Book 1

Secrets of Time, Book 2

River in Time, Book 3

Book 4 will be available on Oct 2, 2015.

This book is a short-read of about 70 pages. It is a serial and a new part of the story will be published very two weeks. As they are published, four books will be combined into one, in order.

Ask the Author: FAQ about this serial.

1. What is the difference between a series and a serial?

A series are a group of books which are set in the same time period and area, but each book features new main characters, a new story line, and new problems to solve. Sometimes the characters from one book have a small part in another book.

A serial are a group of stories that feature the same characters in each book. Think about a TV show (for example: Friends). This serial will be about the same multiple characters throughout all the books, although some minor characters might be written out and new characters added.

2. Will there be a cliff hanger at the end of each book in this serial? No, although each story will be written to flow into the next one.

3. How may books will be written in this serial? We have planned at least 12. Every 4 books will be combined into one book for those who prefer to read stories in bundles.

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