Forever Freaky

| October 22, 2015


Forever Freaky

Two Young Adult Paranormal Novellas, featuring Julia (freaky Jules) Dundee.

Freaky Jules#1 and #2

Freaky Jules (Vanished)

A girl mysteriously disappears at school, and the cops are baffled.

Julia (Jules) Dundee, the school freak, is compelled to use her paranormal abilities to recover the missing girl. With the aid her new-found friend, boyfriend wannabe, Jack Kilgore, she starts on a journey that ends up out of this universe.

Freaky Jules (Pants on Fire)

High school athletes are inexplicably bursting into flames.

While Julia (Jules) Dundee struggles with her strange life, and the paranormal abilities that torment her, she gets caught up in the mysterious occurrences of athletes suddenly bursting into flames. The authorities believe the answer lies in the chemical make-up of uniforms, while Jules knows the truth, which has emerged from her murky past.


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