A Quiet Death

| October 23, 2015


A Quiet Death

Dr. Peter Lipsom is a deeply disturbed, young physician. He’s barely hanging on, struggling to survive both a crumbling personal life and a profoundly unfulfilling career. But when a series of gruesome murders are committed at his hospital, and the doctor becomes the prime suspect, his life, and mind, begin to quickly unravel. And he desperately tries to protect what he holds most dear as each new victim draws one final, tortured breath.

Inspired by real events, this is a thought-provoking, new novel written by physician and author Dr. Luis Collar. A skillfully crafted murder mystery and haunting psychological thriller, A Quiet Death also offers a stunningly candid depiction of our nation’s healthcare system and exposes the harsh realities patients and physicians both endure. Above all, however, it is a chilling tale of one man’s quest for truth amidst a sea of deception.

“. . . a powerful novel about greed, compassion, love, sacrifice and family.” – review on Goodreads.com

“. . . the murder mystery keeps you turning page after page, on the edge of your seat.” – review on Goodreads.com

Fantastic and thought provoking. Loved it!!!” – review on Goodreads.com

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