Love in the Media

| October 24, 2015


Romance Fiction: Love in the Media (romance short story collection) (cozy romance Book 1)


As a wedding planner, it probably wasn’t the best idea for Veronica Richards to leave her groom at the altar. An event planner who couldn’t even finish her own wedding? Veronica had checked that box off, and now, her career was suffering. Her current clients had terminated their contracts with her, and even her past customers wouldn’t re-hire her.

Christopher Watson was the Advertising and Marketing Director of one of the country’s most reputable real estate companies. Any project he handled had to be executed with 100% accuracy. With the grand opening of Les Officiel in less than two months, he was getting desperate after firing his fourth event planner. When his best friend, Paul, refers him to Veronica Richards, he couldn’t deny her talent and skill. But the woman also had the reputation of being the ‘runaway bride’. However, his project was a condominium launch and not a wedding, so why shouldn’t he take the chance?



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