The Rule of Lachesis – Book 1: Awakenings

| October 24, 2015


The Rule of Lachesis - Book 1: Awakenings

Thousands of years ago, aliens crash-landed on Earth. Three of them survived; one of them, a symbiotic mateship, was destroyed and scattered across the globe.

Now a billionaire hires a crack team of scientists to investigate a strange, recently-discovered nanoparticle material. The research must be completely secret and completely secure…both to prevent other organizations from getting their hands on the material, and to keep the material from getting its nanoparticles on them.

And then they discover the arms race over learning to use the material is the least of their problems.

A wild ride of an interstellar adventure that could take humanity to the stars…or destroy us all!

Book 1: Awakenings is the first book in The Rule of Lachesis novelette series.


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