Jadde – The Fragile Sanctuary

| October 24, 2015


Jadde - The Fragile Sanctuary

Jadde – The Fragile Sanctuary is a full on smash and crash through post-apocalyptic Sci-fi. If you want to see how a genetic mutation can go horribly wrong then read this book.

Millennia have passed since the twenty-first century demon wars when mankind so nearly succumbed to genetically altered mutants – The Quarter-men. Now only isolated pockets of struggling humanity survive.

One insular tribe The Seconchane, are developing psychic powers. Sometimes the gift fails and the unfortunates are banished from the Seconchane’s mountain valleys. Into this harsh reality comes Malkrin Owlear one of the Seconchane’s most gifted. But his incredible talent falters once too often . . .

He discovers the deadlands are not as barren as the priesthood say. The quarter-men, from mans technological past have returned, intent on completing their destruction of mankind.

Malkrin and paranormally talented friends must rediscover from a time forgotten how the ancients led by the goddess Jadde prevailed over the quarter-men swarms.

It was mans last chance – and Malkrin cannot fail.


With Jadde Book 1, author Clive Ousley hits the ground running …. A fantastic and unusual sci-fi adventure.

Wow. Once I had started it I couldn’t put it down. The fast pace just kept pulling me deeper into the story. I’ve just finished the first book and can’t wait to find the second Jadde book on Amazon

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106,000 words


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