Modern History in 50 Events: From the Industrial Revolution to the Present

| October 25, 2015


History: Modern History in 50 Events: From the Industrial Revolution to the Present (World History, History Books, People History) (History in 50 Events Series Book 7)

Do you want to know how modern life got to where it is today?

Read about the 50 most important events in modern history, from the industrial revolution to the present day.

This book is perfect for history lovers. Author James Weber did the research and compiled this huge list of events that changed the course of history forever.

Some of them include:

– The Mutiny of the Bounty in 1789

– The Defeat of Napoleon in 1815

– The Spring of Nations in 1848

– Einstein’s theory of relativity in 1905

– The first motorized airplane flight in 1903

– Gandhi’s civil disobedience in 1947

– The Global Financial Crises in 2007

and many many more

The book includes pictures and explanations to every event, making this the perfect resource for students and anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge in history.

Note: Some events in this book overlap with events from “Human History in 50 Events”

Download your copy now!

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