The Partition of Africa (Bennett Book 1)

| October 27, 2015


The Partition of Africa: a novel (Bennett Book 1)

Everyone knows no one’s perfect, but those who know Hattie Greene agree she’s as close as it gets. Even at twenty years old, when most of her peers choose to explore their rebellious side, she focuses all of her energy on her schoolwork, intent on achieving her academic goals, and so far everything has fallen into place for her – excellent grades, a scholarship to the prestigious Howard Knox College & University, grad school connections. Her future seems set in stone; at least, until she meets and falls hard for Samson Campbell, a married professor. Under his influence, Hattie makes a series of choices that lead her farther and farther away from her chosen path until she is faced with a choice she swore she’d never have to make. The heart wants what it wants, but what if the heart is wrong?


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