Of Secrets Under Lands Asunder (In Space It Burns Book 1)

| October 28, 2015


Of Secrets Under Lands Asunder (In Space It Burns Book 1)

You Won’t be Able to Put Down this Intense Ancient Aliens Story

Is It Better to Know the End is Coming?

This action packed first book in the In Space It Burns series is part archaeological adventure, part ancient alien secrets, and all action.

Just when Lucas was starting to make peace with the sudden disappearance of his father, he receives a summons from his professor. Convinced he has the tools to find out what happened to his father, Lucas strikes out for the deep Amazon.

With the help of Professor Jenkins, Alex, and Quinchol, Lucas begins a journey that will not only change his life, but may seal the fate of the entire planet.

Lucas and his companions find more questions than answers the deeper they go into unraveling the mystery of Lucas’s father. The closer they get to the truth, the more physical danger they find themselves.

If being on the run from man-eating creatures that dwell in a hellish hollow Earth isn’t enough, the truth revealed about alien presence changes their lives forever.

Will Lucas’s search for answers about his father put him and the entire planet at risk, or will his pursuit for answers lead to a way out?

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