Exsanguinate (World of Blood Book 1)

| October 28, 2015


Exsanguinate - A Vampire Urban Fantasy Series (World of Blood Book 1)

Love Vampires, Dragons, and Werewolves? Killion Slade introduces a contemporary kick-ass heroine in her supernatural thriller series that will put you on the ride of your life, leaving you begging to know what will happen next! Scroll back up and treat yourself to a new adventure now!

“They can’t touch you!” What could possibly go wrong at Halloween Scream Nights?

As a software gaming developer, Cheyenne O’Cuinn’s task is to study fear even though she’s the biggest chickenshit on the planet. Determined to face her own fear of Oldhouseophobia, she confronts her bloodcurdling obsession – the dreaded haunted house. Her worst nightmare manifested, Cheyenne is brutally attacked and left for dead by a rogue vampire, but then is determined to hunt him down and return the favor.

A ransom call from a kidnapper sets into motion the rabbit hole of a parallel, supernatural reality she must program inside her own role-play game to rescue her family. In a race against the hourglass, Cheyenne confronts a double-agent vampire, a cyberchondriac werewolf, and a mafioso dragon. Can they be trusted to help her, or are they a part of the twisted scheme?

With her sister’s lives on the line, Cheyenne has no choice but to try and beat the kidnappers at their own game, ensnaring them with her own brand of deception. Can she fight for her life and her heart?

What are Reviewers Saying About Exsanguinate?

Riveted until the final words, which by the way were cruel in their temptation of the next in this series (and I hope it’s a long one!), I found this to be a whirlwind roller coaster ride of fun, surprise and bottom clenching moments.” ~Vix Kirkpatrick – The Daily Bookworm

“Exsanguinate flawlessly blends horror, fantasy, romance, action and humor into one entertaining read.This book has it all and fans of all genres will enjoy it.” ~David Watson, HorrorAddicts.net

Exsanguinate is the first book in this frighteningly-funny, virtually-unforgettable series. If you have played any RPG (role-playing game) or have experienced Second Life (SL) or any video game, you will not be able to put this book down. Well … except when the tears blur your vision, and you need a moment to collect yourself from a roll on the ground belly laugh, or when the intense emotional responses make you hyperventilate in fear for the characters.

Funny, New, Contemporary Vampire Series to Sink Your Teeth Into!~ Emerian Rich, Author and Horror Hostess

“If Killion Slade’s book concept was a hybrid horror clone – the style would take the snarky humor from Shaun of the Dead, combine it with the variety of avatars found in World of Warcraft, and give it the agility of movement from Second Life. Then cross that with a ‘virtual’ romance come to life and lay it at the feet of three 21st century sisters who are in big trouble – and you would simply be touching the edges of this story.” ~Rhonda Carpenter, Mark of a Druid

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