Blogging Resolutions For 2008!

Sometimes when people ask me what my New Years Resolutions are? I will joke around and say something contrary, such as, Eat More Cheese or Watch More Television. But, I’m only kidding, I actually like New Years Resolutions. Since, blogging and life have so many correlations, my blogging resolutions kind of blend in with my life resolutions, and goals in general.

Goals For It’s Write Now

  1. Increase Subscriber count.

  2. Create some authority articles, market them to some more well known sites. I’ve always wanted to be a Pajama Professional and Sara wrote a great article for blogging tips. Seven Steps to a Killer Authority Article .

  3. Create some series articles, HTML, CSS, how to edit a header. I have a basic HTML series coming up. And I always have links to useful tutorials on the site.

  4. Learn Photoshop, I’ve signed up for an online college Photoshop class, I’ve already ordered an academic version of CS3 and the textbook. This knowledge should make my blogging life much easier.

  5. Write some articles on research techniques, and article writing, (see Seven steps to a killer authority article above). I am truly trying to find a way to streamline research, and when I do I will gladly share this knowledge with my readers.

  6. Report on true advice for making money online. Meta blogs are great for learning and gaining information, also for exposure and establishing authority. Not that great for actually making money. I hope to have some real money making advice and also practice what I’m preaching.

  7. I am, also planning, on adding a Book Review Category to this site.

Money Making Techniques

  1. Affiliate marketing. I plan on focusing, a lot, on affiliate marketing in the coming year, and my first two choices are Amazon and Never Blue Ads.

  2. I would like to create niche sites that will generate search traffic, then monetize with AdSense or affiliates.

  3. I would like to learn more about keyword search tools and methods, using products such as wordtracker, adwords, and wordz keyword tools.

  4. I would also like to occasionally park a domain, that I think will be profitable.

  5. I plan on learning about and implementing some PPC campaigns.

  6. Creating keyword optimized niche sites, in order to actually make some cash.

Writing Goals

  1. Create some authority articles.

  2. Do some networking by writing some guest posts and submitting to at least one article directory.

  3. At least attempt to submit one story or article to a print publication.

  4. Create an ebook.

Time Saving Goals

  1. Cut out time wasters, TV, too much blog reading and browsing the Internet. Try to automate tedious tasks, prioritize goals, and accomplish the important ones, especially the ones which will save me time in the long run.

  2. Create a schedule and outline. Spend a couple of hours a day actually doing the most important tasks, making progress towards the actual outcome.

  3. To relieve pressure. Create a task or goal. Then outline action steps and do small action steps, one at a time.

Learning Goals

  1. Learn HTML

  2. Learn CSS

  3. Learn PHP

  4. Learn Photoshop

Be flexible, and evaluate often. Don’t be afraid to change course or give up. I’m actually feeling very positive about 2008. The future has a lot of good things in store.  Happy New Year everyone!