On the Run: (Vagabonds Book 1)

| October 29, 2015


On the Run: (Vagabonds Book 1) (New Adult Rock Star Romance)

What if your dream became a nightmare?

Kyle Summers enjoys a carefree childhood traveling the countryside with her parents…until she discovers the electric guitar. When she first wraps her hand around its neck, she knows she was born to play it.

When she discovers boys, she realizes she has a second passion.

But music always comes first, and when Kyle is recruited to be part of a young all-girl band, she jumps at her chance for fame and fortune. It isn’t long before Kyle discovers that all that glitters isn’t gold. Will she survive when she discovers the dark and seedy side of the music industry—or will it ruin her for good?

Vagabonds follows one young woman’s rise to fame past the pitfalls of sex, drugs, and easy money, through fortune and success to heartbreak and betrayal. Five girls build their band The Vagabonds from nothing but a hunger to create and quickly find that they are nothing but pawns in a larger game played by managers, agents, the press, the music industry, and all manner of unscrupulous, greedy people who want to feed on their triumphs. Friendships and lives hang in the balance. Who will survive?

Please note: On the Run might read like YA and feel like YA because the characters start out as teens, but don’t be fooled. It is not YA, a point that will become more and more clear as this trilogy progresses. As the story moves forward, it will deal with darker issues and heavier themes that are not appropriate for a YA audience.

What readers are saying about Jamison’s newest rock star romance series:

“I was very excited about starting this new series by Jade C. Jamison. I really enjoy her writing style and I was ready to be immersed in the music industry. This author does it right. She doesn’t just throw the rockstar title around. Nope, she gives her readers what they crave….I want only the best for Kyle, but knowing how ‘real’ the author’s stories are, I’m kinda scared to find out where she’s headed. I guarantee my heart’s gonna get a workout….I know there will be pitfalls. I know it won’t be a smooth ride. But it will be a thrilling ride as I join the band on their journey to stardom.” Rosa Sharon, iScream Books

“Oh to be starting out on the journey of life again at the tender age of 16. All that anticipation, promise, hope, determination and of course… sex! ….I knew when Jade C Jamison said this story was going to be about an all girl band that I needed to read this book and I wasn’t disappointed…. You can bet there will be drama, sexiness and heartbreak along the way, all in the name of rock ‘n’ roll!” JG, Jezabell Girl & Friends

“Wow…and YES!!! If the Nicki Sosebee series and the Bullet boys had a baby, I think this would be the result. I have always been a huge fan of Jamison’s work, whether she wrote about a naughty, sexy reporter and her bedroom antics or about a hot young rock band with a lot of angst and serious problems….Awesome family drama with a lot of rocking heart and soul.” Sue B., Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

“I love this book and I am anxiously awaiting book 2 in this series. You can feel the story starting to build and I think it’s going to be epic. It’s going to rank right up there with Bullet. I mean, who doesn’t love a coming of age story? Kyle Summers is living the dream… playing her guitar in an all-girl band, going on the road, fame and fortune are surely soon to follow. But, this is a Jade book so you know it’s not going to be that easy….This is one of my favorite books this year!” L.A. Remenicky, author


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