Philanthropic Wanderlust

| October 30, 2015


Philanthropic Wanderlust

By the age of twenty-seven, Danell Lynn had been married, divorced, collecting university degrees, developing fashion companies, traveling the world and learning that you can definitely go your own way. Philanthropic Wanderlust will open new windows of possibilities into the magnificence of globe-trotting, the need to explore and understand cultural diversity.

This story using humor and heartache, illustrates the burning desire of one woman for compassion, fueled by wanderlust and a giving spirit that shines brightly. Chronicling five years of travel and philanthropy, celebrating life and the freedom to go beyond the unknown and take a passionate step out of “comfort zone” life acceptance, Lynn delivers the ultimate adventure…the adventure of living.

Finding laughter and fear from the northern mountains of Ecuador to the deserts of Morocco, from AIDS hospitals in Malawi to pediatric units in Haiti, darkness and death in El Salvador to the rhythms of life in Cuba, and one can’t forget the “luck” of feces in Colombia.

“You are only given one life, one chance at fully living it…take risks, believe in your dreams, explore the world and her people, live out loud!”

“…There is so much feeling in Danell’s desire to not only Travel the world, but be of significant value to it! It captures her spirit, her empathetic nature, her lust for life, and her most altruistic style.” -Allen Naille, retired CEO of Amfac Resorts Inc

“This book not only inspires a desire to serve others, but also creates awareness of how much others struggle throughout the world. This book is hard to put down after the first page because it literally feels like the journey is shared between the author and the reader.” -Lisa Aaroe, PhD


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